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Classcraft for teachers

Motivate and foster positive relationships with your students through the power of gamification and easy-to-use classroom management tools

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Created by a teacher, Classcraft is built with a relationship-first approach to behavior management. Discover how a small platform can make a big difference for you and your students.

Student holding up a tablet with screenshot of Classcraft avatar and character information

Customized characters to help your students immerse themselves in their learning

“Classcraft not only helps keep my students engaged in person but ensures that when we are in a virtual learning environment, they are still engaged in the learning process.”

Mashelle Kirkman
Rose & Alex Pilibos Armenian School

Point systems to help incentivize and reward positive behavior

“I have students who not only complete extra reading and English tasks to get closer to "leveling up," but even email and ask me when I’ll be adding more assignments!”

LaNia Wright-Mamonov
Central Junior High

Smiling student with backpack looking to left of screen
Classcraft pet holding up a screenshot of Classraft Boss Battle

Engaging classroom activities and tools to inspire your students

“Using Classcraft Quests, students can take on the initiative and be their own teachers. I love how independent they have become.”

Amy Kendall
Maple Street Magnet Middle School

Smiling student giving a high-five to a teacher

“I’m so glad I discovered Classcraft, it has really changed my teaching style for the better.”

Jener Miranda
John Adams Middle School

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