Lead Transformations in Student Engagement

Partner with Classcraft to solve real challenges in your district with customized cip and rollout directed at your most important initiatives.

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Work Hand-in-Hand with the Classcraft Team

The Classcraft Innovation Program (CIP) gives forward-thinking school leaders direct access to our team and everything they need to align their educators to use game mechanics to target their goals in:

  • Aprendizaje personalizado
  • Rendimiento académico
  • Preparación para una carrera profesional
  • SEL Development
  • School Climate & Safety

Reframe Your Focus On What Leads to Success

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Making data-based decisions is critical to enrich student learning. The CIP empowers you with tools and analytics for a deeper understanding of what’s working, along with strategies and support to achieve your initiatives.

Interfaz de rendimiento en la escuela de Classcraft

Your Full-Service Innovation Partner

The CIP helps build sustainable implementation by providing insight, purpose, analytics, and a train-the-trainer approach to your educational team.


Ensure successful and sustainable school rollout with customized, virtual and on-site, implementation.


Evaluate program impact and effectiveness, along with data around school climate, real-time interventions, and priority initiatives.


Learn how to self-assess and course-correct to achieve and sustain the results you want.

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Join the Classcraft Innovation Program

The CIP gives you insights and supports to drive powerful results in your school. Why wait? Give your school the power of Classcraft.

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