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Classcraft’s mission is to make school more relevant and meaningful by creating playful and collaborative learning experiences that teach the whole child.
We believe that the classroom can be reimagined using technology, games, and storytelling to create a learning environment that is culturally relevant to today's youth. Their future is likely to be very different from what we know today. It's our belief that fostering non-curricular cognitive skills like collaboration, empathy, leadership, communication, and self-expression will be a critical piece in helping prepare them for the changes they will face as adults.
A nossa equipa
  • Shawn Young
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Devin Young
    Co-founder & President
  • Lauren Young
    Co-founder & CFO
  • Carl Chartrand-Ferland
  • Flavien Busseuil
  • James Shetler
    Partnership Operations Supervisor
  • Kelly Babb
    Partnership Manager
  • Lauren Durand
    Partnership Manager
  • Nicolas Provonost
    Senior Customer Service Agent
  • Pier-Luc Gendreau
  • Roxane Le Borgne
    Gestor da Comunidade
  • Samuel Couture
  • Shaima Sultani
  • Simon Bélanger
  • Stéphane Guillemette
    Vice-presidente da Engenharia
  • Stephanie Carmichael
    Diretor de conteúdos
  • Steve Bourgoin
  • Tommy Grégoire
  • Valérie Cyr
Board of Directors and Advisors
  • Shayn Diamond
    Membro do Conselho
    Principal at Whitecap
  • François Arbour
    Membro do Conselho
  • Kimberley Harrington
    Membro do Conselho
    Former Commissioner of Education for the state of New Jersey
  • Sophie Forest
    Board Observer
    Managing Partner at Brightspark
  • Kathryn Wortsman
    Board Observer
    Fund Manager at MaRS Catalyst Fund
  • Connie Yowell
    CEO of LRNG (by Collective Shift) Former Director of Education, McArthur Foundation
  • Jean Guesdon
    Creative Director at Ubisoft
  • Whitecap Venture Partners
  • brightspark
  • MaRS Catalyst Fund