Student holding a tablet showin his classcraft character dashboard

Classcraft actually makes school fun

Yup, that’s right. It has so much cool and useful stuff that it makes learning more exciting for learners and teaching more rewarding for teachers. Plus, it’s free.

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Why does everyone love Classcraft?

Because it takes the whole classroom to another level.

Two students smiling at each other in classroom

Students can…

  • Create and customize their own characters
  • Explore a whole world of different regions
  • Earn Gold Pieces and XP as they progress
  • Use powers that give them real-world privileges

Teachers can…

  • Manage their workloads more easily
  • Save time on PBIS and SEL Turn lesson plans into exciting adventures
  • Reward students for being awesome
Students working in a classroom

Wanna know more?

Watch this video to see why students love Classcraft.

Video image of smiling students with their backpack