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The Fundamentals

Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps provide a foundation for safe and positive learning for all students’ ability to succeed in school and life.

What exactly is SEL?

SEL is an educational framework that can help all young people and adults thrive personally and academically, develop and maintain positive relationships, become lifelong learners, and contribute to a more caring world.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is defined as an alignment of education and human development. SEL is the process where students can gain and apply knowledge and skills to manage their emotions, achieve personal and collaborative goals, feel and show empathy for others, and make responsible and caring decisions.

Framework wheel of CASEL SEL framework core competencies

What is the CASEL SEL framework?

The SEL framework is based on the "CASEL wheel," consisting of the five core social and emotional competencies of social and emotional growth. See below.

Developing skills for the long term as students master the ability to navigate their emotions, reactions, and relationships. From the ground up, Classcraft helps educators integrate CASEL’s five core SEL competencies. Learn more.

SEL Core Concepts

Relationship skills

The ability to build and maintain healthy relationships with people with varying backgrounds.


To take control and ownership of your thoughts, emotions, and actions in various situations, as well as setting and working toward goals.


To recognize your emotions and how they impact your behavior; acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses to better gain confidence in your abilities.

Responsible Decision-Making

Choosing how to act or respond to a situation based on learned behaviors such as ethics, safety and the well-being of others, as well as yourself.

Social Awareness

The ability to put yourself in the shoes of another person who may be from a different background or culture from the one you grew up with. To act with empathy and in an ethical manner within your home, school, and community.

Learn how Classcraft addresses each of the core CASEL SEL competencies.

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How Does SEL Support Equity?

Classcraft’s approach to SEL is driven by a vision of all students as self-aware, caring, responsible, engaged, and lifelong learners who work together to achieve their goals.

SEL as a whole advances educational equity and excellence through engaged school-family-community participation to support positive learning environments and experiences that nurture trusting and collaborative relationships. SEL can help address various forms of inequity and empower students and their communities inside and outside of the classroom.

Designed to address SEL at a systemic level in schools and districts, Classcraft’s apps for social and emotional intelligence profoundly impact the development of critical soft skills like cooperation, communication, and self-management.

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