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Make gratitude a part of your school culture by using Kudos schoolwide

Classcraft TeamFebruary 18, 2020

A few weeks ago, we introduced Kudos, a new feature within Classcraft that encourages students to recognize positive behaviors exhibited by their peers.

Kudos is incredibly powerful at the classroom level, giving kids a chance to be recognized by (and in front of) their classmates. So, we had a crazy idea: What if we made Kudos available at the schoolwide level? By spreading even more good vibes, could we help educators create a positive school climate?

YES, we decided. That’s why, starting today, administrators with school or districtwide implementations of Classcraft can now view kudos at the school level.

Why we made Kudos viewable schoolwide

Intrinsic motivation is the foundation for many different types of learning outcomes. And for kids, one of the most powerful intrinsic motivators is social recognition.

By making Kudos available at the school level, we’re giving administrators a chance to tap into the climate of their schools. With Kudos, admins can do more than just study the data — they can actually be a part of what’s happening in their schools.

How Kudos works at the schoolwide level

Kudos can easily be displayed throughout a school, giving kids a chance to be recognized in front of teachers, administrators, and large groups of their peers.

Educators can export a link to a Kudos wall; by following this secure link, the kudos can then be displayed on monitors throughout the school.

UPDATE: Kids love Kudos!

In today’s culture, it’s easy to be cynical and think that kids don’t want to connect with the people around them — including their peers — in real life.

The truth is, kids love cheering each other on. They just need a safe space to do it, and maybe a little encouragement.

Skeptical? Since launching Kudos at the teacher-level at the beginning of February, teachers have APPROVED nearly 30,000 kudos submitted by students. That’s a lot of positive behavior being rewarded!

Bring Kudos to your school

Ready to get started with Kudos in your school? Looking for input regarding how to implement Kudos effectively? Set up a consultation with our team and let’s get to work!

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