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How to get the most out of The Great Exchange summit

Classcraft TeamOctober 28, 2020

Classcraft and Google’s first-ever student engagement summit is just hours away! 

This half-day virtual event features an impressive line-up of education pros and innovators ready to share actionable tips and strategies to create distance learning environments where students can flourish.

Created for administrators, educators, and schools, you’ll leave with insights and takeaways from experts that can transform your practice. 

Take part in live sessions and talk tracks to access strategies to help students become successful remote learners and ensure educational equity for vulnerable students.You’ll also gain strategies to create engaging experiences with gaming mechanics and support SEL, behavior, and mental health.

If you didn’t register yet, there is still time! Just click here to sign up and invite others so they don’t miss out. Here’s the full schedule.

If you’ve already registered, here’s what you need to know. 

Accessing The Great Exchange summit 

To get to the summit on Thursday, October 29, find your conference order in your email and click on the “View Event Details” button to jump to the page. If you’re logged in, everything should load. If you’re not, you can log on from the menu at the top of the page.

You can join the summit hub 30 min before it starts. This is a great time to fill out your attendee profile (very useful for networking!). Then you’ll have access to the event lobby where you can interact with other attendees. Browse around, chat a little, and start making those connections.  

From the lobby, you’ll be able to view the agenda and join the sessions you won’t want to miss. All the session options can be found on the left menu and Classcraft’s team will be in the lobby to provide support if needed.

Connect and share during The Great Exchange

With the roster of talented thought-leaders lined up and riveting content in store, you’re sure to learn a ton at The Great Exchange. Tweet, post, and share it! 

Live-tweet what you learn and share your top takeaways on LinkedIn. This way you can keep a record of what you’ve learned, share with your network, and participate with others attending. Share the wealth by tagging colleagues who haven’t been able to attend but would find the content valuable. Use the #GreatExchangeEdu hashtag to be part of the larger conversation. 

Connect with the speakers on social. Let the speakers you know you appreciate them and share what they taught you. Reach out to them on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter. For The Great Exchange summit, we’ve created a Twitter list of all of our speakers so it’s easy to find their handles, livetweet, and stay in touch. 

See you at The Great Exchange

We hope this was helpful for getting you ready for the summit. If you have questions or ideas you’d love to share, find us at @classcraftgame and make sure you’ve signed up for The Great Exchange if you haven’t already.

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