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Engagement vs. motivation with Harvard’s Chris Dede

Classcraft TeamOctober 28, 2020

Engagement and motivation are two common themes at The Great Exchange virtual summit. While the terms are used interchangeably, they’re not quite the same. 

Chris Dede, of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, joins Brian to talk about the differences between engagement and motivation, and why student motivation is so important in a remote setting.

The Great Exchange · Engagement vs. motivation with Harvard University’s Chris Dede

Chris Dede is the Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. The former Chair of the HGSE Department of Teaching and Learning (2001-2004), he was honored by Harvard University as an outstanding teacher in 2007 and later named a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association. 

From 2014-2015, he was a Visiting Expert at NSF, Directorate of Education and Human Resources, and has served as a member of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Foundations of Educational and Psychological Assessment, a member of the U.S. Department of Education’s Expert Panel on Technology, and a member of the 2010 National Educational Technology Plan Technical Working Group.

Classcraft previously spoke with Professor Dede about how games are motivating and effective for learning and why educators should incorporate them into their classrooms.

At Classcraft and Google’s The Great Exchange: 2020 Student Engagement Summit, the Wirth Professor of Learning Technologies is going to share the five dimensions of motivation. Register for free to see Professor Dede speak.


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