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Classcraft Earns New Evidence-Based Edtech Certification

Classcraft TeamMay 13, 2022

Classcraft Earns New Evidence-Based Edtech Certification

Creating a meaningful product can’t happen in a vacuum — it takes collaborations, conversations, and honest feedback from the partners and school communities we serve. This strong and vulnerable communication is at the heart of our collaborations as we continue building Classcraft, keeping our product relevant to the needs of the educators. 
In recognition of this practice, we’re honored to earn the Codesign Product Certification from Leanlab Education. This new product certification is intended to give teachers and school administrators a quick and comprehensive way to understand if an Edtech product was built for the realities of a classroom environment and reflects the insights of educators, students, and parents.

Leanlab’s new Codesign Product Certification verifies that qualifying Edtech companies hold their products accountable to school-community recommendations and feedback from Leanlab’s codesign research process.

To complete the certification process, we submitted evidence that we improved our solution by closely following the feedback we received from teachers and students after the culmination of our research study with Leanlab Education. 

“At Classcraft, we’re committed to developing solutions in partnership with educators,” said Shawn Young, CEO and Co-Founder of Classcraft. “As such, gathering structured feedback, design ideas, and real usage results from the schools we work with is critical, so we can implement meaningful changes in our approach that meet educators’ and learners’ needs. We’re proud of having earned the Codesign Badge from LeanLab because it demonstrates our commitment to user-driven design.”

This new certification from Leanlab Education aims to bring greater transparency to how Edtech products are developed and serve as a signal for education decision-makers that products have been developed with school communities rather than for them.

“It’s been a great experience to partner with Classcraft to conduct research,” said Katie Boody Adorno, CEO and Founder of Leanlab. “Because we conducted research with Classcraft over two semesters, teachers were able to see how their feedback was quickly incorporated into the platform. We were thrilled to be able to connect Classcraft with some amazing teachers and see them working together.”

Learn about more of Classcraft’s research.

About Leanlab: Leanlab Education is a nonprofit organization that specializes in codesign research between education technology companies and schools. They listen to parents, educators, and learners to help them pinpoint specific problems that hinder student achievement. Then, they match those schools with education entrepreneurs. Together, they develop the next-generation classroom tools through research and direct community feedback.

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