In remote and distance learning, motivation is everything

Schools are closed. Students are home with distractions. Parents are busy and may not be able to supervise kids as much as they’d like.

And you need to keep students motivated, while also staying connected to them.

By giving you the tools to motivate students in a remote learning environment, Classcraft can help you make your COVID-19 response plan as smooth as possible.

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5 keys to successful remote and distance learning

  • Motivated and engaged students
  • Strong relationships and community
  • Parents who play an active role
  • Clear expectations for behavior in an online setting
  • Visibility for administrators into what’s going on at home

Classcraft is a one-stop shop for remote learning

Classcraft gives you everything you need to develop and assess students in a remote learning environment — while keeping them engaged and motivated.

Clear behavior expectations

Communicate the positive behaviors that are expected of students in an online learning environment

Digital rewards

Give points for class discussions, grades, and behavior that translate to digital rewards students love like cool gear and pets


By working together, students become more invested in their own progress — and learn to feel accountable for their classmates

Active parent participation

Parents can give students points for positive behavior — helping educators promote positive behavior at home

Boss battles

Make formative assessment fun by turning it into a collaborative showdown

Random events

Kick off lessons with fun group activities and events that keep students on their toes


Encourage students to openly celebrate each other for positive behaviors so they connect on a more human level

Data and analytics

Gain real-time visibility into student motivation and behavior — both inside and outside the digital classroom

Give your online curriculum superpowers

Narrative is more than just entertainment. It’s how we build understanding.

Stories give students space to explore new ideas and perspectives — and to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

With Classcraft, teachers can experience the benefits of narrative in a remote learning environment — without the extra time or hassle.


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Story Mode

  • Pre-written storylines for Quests
  • Transforms lesson plans into binge-worthy learning adventures
  • Aligns with CASEL SEL competencies
  • Guidebook allows students to dive deep into the Classcraft universe
  • Narrative keeps students engaged all year long

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Research and results

Classcraft has been proven to increase engagement with Chrome book rollouts.

  • 2X increase in participation in tasks requiring a device
  • 89% improvement in digital citizenship
  • 6X increase in in sophisticated / independent device use

Sel and PBIS alignment

“Classcraft’s interpretation of PBIS and its understanding of the connection to SEL is advanced and enlightened.”

The power of collaboration

This study found that Classcraft has an influence on how students collaborate with their teammates and that the game reaches its objective of fostering social engagement.

Case study

East Paulding Middle School near Atlanta saw an 85% decrease in referrals after using Classcraft for PBIS for only one term.