University of Montreal and Classcraft Team Up to Research and Advance Responsible Use of AI in K-12

MONTREAL, QC, April 25, 2019 –– Classcraft CEO Shawn Young and Thierry Karsenti, University of Montreal professor and Canada Research Chair on information and communication technologies (ICTs), today announced a groundbreaking partnership to research the use of artificial intelligence in K-12 classrooms across the U.S. and Canada. The announcement was made at the Sommet du numérique en éducation (Digital Education Summit).

As part of the initiative, Classcraft and Thierry’s research team will work together to study the impact that AI-driven learning experiences can make on student outcomes like academic growth and social emotional learning. The initiative will also seek to uncover and outline best practices for the responsible application of AI with regard to equity, student privacy, and strengthening teachers’ ability to personalize students’ learning experience.

“Very few projects related to education and artificial intelligence have been conducted and definitely not enough in elementary and high schools,” says Karsenti. “This research could help teachers, principals, and even parents by providing them with consistent educational recommendations that can positively impact students’ academic motivation and even increase their success at school. To be doing it with a partner like Classcraft, which is in over 75,000 classrooms worldwide, is very exciting.”

Based in Quebec and New York, Classcraft is a certified B Corporation and award-winning ed-tech company serving more than 5 million students and educators in more than 165 countries. Classcraft analyzes more than 50M data points per month to help schools and teachers make better educational decisions.

“Today’s students will be entering a job market defined by new technologies like automation, AI, and genetics. To thrive in this future, our students must develop deep non-cognitive skills as well as the ability to think critically and solve problems together,” explains Young. “When teachers use Classcraft, they create new kinds of data that help us understand how students are progressing — not just as learners, but as people. We want to marry this data to an AI-powered recommendation engine that will give teachers personalized insights on how to best empower their students to reach their full potential.”

Young adds, “We take our responsibilities to the education community and the students we serve very seriously. That’s why it was critical for us to develop this technology with a world-renowned partner like the University of Montreal.”

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Founded in 2013 by brothers Shawn and Devin Young and their father Lauren Young, Classcraft is a Quebec- and New York City-based edtech company serving more than 5 million students and educators worldwide. Its proprietary Engagement Management System (EMS) uses the cultural phenomenon of video games to help educators drive measurable academic performance, non-cognitive skills development, and school climate. By blending students’ physical and virtual learning, the program reframes their progress in school as a game they play together throughout the year. Classcraft is used by 5+ million students and educators worldwide in more than 160 countries and is available in 11 languages.

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