The Classroom Is Changing

Technology has helped us solve many logistical problems in education, but we still need to address the fundamental human ones, like self-actualization, engagement, and collaboration.


Full Classroom Gamification

Classcraft transforms school by taking the video game mechanics that provide rich and interesting play experiences and applying them to the classroom setting.

Quests Are the New Lesson Plans

Personalized, self-paced lessons your students will love

Using Quests, teachers can overlay their course content and learning activities onto interactive maps, essentially making their lessons a choose-your-own-adventure experience.

Each point on the map consists of a learning activity created by the teacher, which could be a worksheet, video, quiz, or other material, alongside an optional narrative element.

As students complete activities, the adventure unfolds, getting them excited to progress and find out what happens next.

Overall, I saw students embracing the game, working together to accomplish a common goal, and making academic leaps as a result.

- Jessica Anderson, Montana, @TriSciCurious

Gamified, Collaborative Classroom Management

In Classcraft, students play in teams and earn points for positive behaviors, enabling them to unlock real-life powers and thousands of customization options for their characters.

Have fun with PBIS!

Through Classcraft, students become part of the solution, radically transforming Schoolwide PBIS.

Make students accountable to one another

Teams in Classcraft are structured so students have to depend on their peers to thrive.

When school becomes less of an individual experience and more of a collective one, students start encouraging and looking out for one another, making the classroom a positive environment that's ideal for learning.

"The foundation of teamwork and the ability to simply realize that education can be fun and rewarding, which Classcraft helps build, will no doubt continue to serve the children as they move ahead in the future."

- Darren McQuaid, South Korea, @darrenmcquaid1

Interactive Class Tools

Classcraft offers a suite of features designed to drive in-person engagement in your classes. Use them to keep students on task and create a collective experience that builds positive classroom culture.

  • wheelofdestiny

    Random Picker

    Spice up your lessons by adding in elements of surprise!

  • countdown


    Integrate the element of time into exercises to make your lessons more dynamic.

  • randomevents

    Random Events

    Make every class exciting with fun events that build real relationships.

  • volumemeter

    Volume Meter

    Measure noise in real time and award treasure for a silent classroom. You won’t believe how quietly your students are working!

  • bossbattles

    Boss Battles

    Make formative assessment a collaborative monster battle where the whole class wins or loses.

  • gradebook

    Grade Converter

    Give grades more meaning by converting them into points and drive better academic performance.

  • Analytics

    Rich behavior and progress reporting

    Use our analytics to keep track of a student's behavior at the classroom and school levels. Teachers and administrators now have access to real-life behavioral data they can't get anywhere else.

  • Parent Portal

    Parent communication and engagement

    Parents can be a part of the game! By awarding a limited amount of points at home, parents can participate in their child's education in a real way and stay informed about class activity.

  • School Dashboard

    Smarter data, positive school culture, and PBIS

    Instead of only knowing about student behavior from referrals, administrators can proactively monitor all positive and negative behaviors as they’re happening. They can also set up consistent behavior rules to aid in streamlining PBIS implementations and building school culture.

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