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Delight your students with this free quest! Introducing a Google Classroom-friendly personalized learning adventure created with the help of teachers like you.


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Your Free Quest: A Whistle in the Peaks

Inspired by the original work of Steven Isaacs and Mike Washburn and created at our inaugural Questathon event at ISTE 2018, “A Whistle in the Peaks” takes your students on a hero’s journey to discover one of the missing pages of the Book of Lyt.

Included in this quest:

  • A captivating narrative including custom illustrations that can be used to bring any subject to life
  • A brand new choose-your-own-adventure map that will stimulate students’ imagination
  • A sample lesson plan to show you how this quest can work with your existing lessons.

You Can Help Other Teachers Have Their Best Year, Too!

For each teacher who downloads this quest, we will donate $1 to the #TeachersAreProfessionals fund to help teachers like you fund their classroom needs without paying out of their own pocket.

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Discover Personalized Learning Quests!
Create learning adventures for your students by overlaying your existing learning activities and content onto interactive quest maps.
Each stop on the map consists of a learning activity, which could be a worksheet, video, quiz, printout, etc.
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As students complete activities, the experience unfolds in a choose-your-own-adventure fashion, getting them excited to see out what happens next!
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“Student choice through a quest-based learning environment has been at the center of my course for years. With the addition of Quests, Classcraft does EVERYTHING I want a gamified course management system to do. My students love it!
Steven Isaacs
Teacher at William Annin Middle School, Basking Ridge, NJ ISTE 2016 Outstanding Teacher, @mr_isaacs
@CLMSJETS students are doing an amazing job on their first @classcraftgame quest!
Valerie Flores
Used Classcraft Quests today to discuss
I am Malala
Second time using @classcraftgame quest as a review tool. Fun for everyone, especially with added activities
Steven Isaacs
LOVING the #Quest integration in @classcraftgame #gamechanger #games4ed #questbasedlearning #stuchoice #gamification #gbl
Lukas Gohl
Checking out Quest Mode in @classcraftgame. This is perfect for an ELA unit on the Hero's Journey story archetype. #chooseyourownadventure
Excited to try @classcraftgame Quests with students for the first time!