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Classcraft being used in @swagonslagley classroom @classcraftgame #hbmshawks
Kimberly Lang
Must be doing something right. I log on in the evening and open emails with kids doing extra work and begging for more!@classcraftgame
Brett Erenberg
@classcraftgame is the most effective motivational tool I have yet tried. We are having so much fun!!
Heritage School
Mr. R's warriors on the rise this morning in 6th ELA! #hereyoucan @classcraftgame
Rob McKenzie
My students literally shrieked with excitement when they discovered there is new armor and pets in @classcraftgame! #edtech #gamification
Mr. Peebles
Teams worked together to determine best answer in BossBattles on inferences, key details, main idea @classcraftgame #62learns #LearningIsFun
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In the group using Classcraft, 3 times fewer students reported being bored in class, versus the control group.
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

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