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Classcraft is a game-changer for student behavior

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Engaging PBIS and SEL for schools and districts

You might be reading this because you’ve tried ClassDojo and it hasn’t met all of your needs. You may want data-driven insights into student motivation and behavior, as well as tools to keep your students engaged and thriving throughout the year.

Designed by educators, Classcraft provides robust analytics into behavioral insight for school-wide and district-wide motivational support to collaborate and grow in one empathetic learning environment.

Deeply Data-Driven

ClassDojo’s lack of in-depth analytics can leave your educators wandering in the dark without a flashlight to measure positive behavior.

Across classrooms, schools, and districts, Classcraft gives administrators all the real-time data they need to promote and measure student success — in-person or online

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Low lift, high reward

After a time, students might lose interest in building ClassDojo’s avatars because the points are not tied to their character. With Classcraft’s classroom management app, students have avatars that they can customize as they gain points and make progress, which fosters intrinsic motivation to become school leaders.

Equipped with powerful integrations including Canvas and Google Classroom, teachers have access to its benefits such as rostering, seating charts, and strong parent communication and engagement, along with automated tools to drive academic engagement and performance without extra work.

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Classcraft is an app that can track and elevate academic engagement, school climate, and positive behavior

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