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Watch Classcraft design the Psionic Mage (video)

Stephanie CarmichaelMarch 20, 2017

A lot of teamwork goes into creating a really cool character.

In our latest video, lead concept artist and illustrator Jianli Wu takes you through the process of creating a new character in Classcraft—this time, the brand-new Psionic Mage called Fray.

Jianli has worked at major video game companies like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and THQ, so he knows his stuff! The design for Fray (the female Mage in the new “Conjurer” set) was inspired by fashion designer Zac Posen’s LED dress, which was coded using animations from girls all around the world, as part of Google’s Made with Code.

With the release of the Psionic Mage, Classcraft is celebrating a new milestone. There are now 54 sets total, or 18 different looks each for the Mages, Warriors, and Healers. Students can mix and match the gear to create millions of unique combinations.

To celebrate the launch, we’re raffling off exclusive hoodies, T-shirts, and iPhone cases with the new characters when teachers upgrade their Classcraft account to Premium for a year before March 31, 2017.