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PBIS assessment: Improve your program with a free self-assessment survey, presented by Classcraft

Classcraft TeamMay 11, 2022

Proactive PBIS

While the world is unpredictable, schools can serve as a safe and reliable space for students to learn, grow, and positively develop socially as well as emotionally. Yet, there’s a difference between theory and practice. School culture can have both positive and negative impacts on students. Bullying, intimidation, and unclear expectations can lead students to disengage with learning and even perpetuate the same bullying they’ve experienced.

Proactive PBIS

With an effective Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program, schools can provide every student with the safe and positive environment that’s critical in addressing many mental health concerns. However, like any good program, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. A well-implemented PBIS program can help schools identify and support at-risk students who may require additional support, and even decrease behavior incidences as a whole. Yet, how do you know if your program is effective?

When it comes to evaluating your PBIS initiatives, this can be a difficult question to answer on your own. However, no matter what your implementation process, it’s important to get a clear picture of how your staff and students are really feeling. Even when you want to improve, knowing how to improve can be an equally daunting task.

A survey for the best solution

To help schools gain in-depth knowledge into how their programs are performing and how they can improve, we’ve designed a free platform to take the PBIS self-assessment survey, developed by the Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports at the University of Oregon* that you and your staff can fill out. Once you complete the survey, you’ll get a robust three-page report about the state of your PBIS program, an assessment of effective behavior support systems,  how to implement your action plan, and how to improve decision-making processes. The more input you provide, the more accurate the reporting.

The free PBIS self assessment is a powerful well-researched survey that Classcraft is using with permission from the Center on PBIS. We share a common belief that clarity shouldn’t carry a price tag, especially when it leads to helping motivate individual students and fostering meaningful relationships.  After you’ve filled out the survey, send your survey link to your colleagues and staff so that they can add their feedback too!

Crowdsourcing the conversation

No sustainable foundation is built in siloes. It takes multiple people and perspectives to shine a clear light on the landscape around you. While a PBIS program might be working well in one area, it might not in another. It’s important to include your entire staff into the conversation so everyone feels heard and has an impact on the future of your school.

We’re constantly developing and rolling out updates, tools, and features to support your amazing work. Get in touch to ask questions and find out about our upcoming initiatives..

Take the survey and learn how we can help you and your entire school this year and every year.

*Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (2021). Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) – Version 4.0. Eugene, OR: University of Oregon. Retrieved from

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Free PBIS Self-Assessment Survey

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PBIS assessment: Improve your program with a free self-assessment survey, presented by Classcraft