Webinar event: How educators can crowdfund resources for their classroom

Classcraft is excited to announce our upcoming webinar with crowdfunding platform PledgeCents this February.

The webinar, “How to Crowdfund the Classroom Resources You Need,” will take place on Wednesday, February 28 at 8 PM EST and is available to anyone who’d like to attend. Special guest Andyshea Saberioon, the CEO and co-founder of PledgeCents, will head the presentation alongside Classcraft’s Peter Douglas Ross.

The presentation will cover topics such as:

  • The history of crowdfunding in education
  • Why educators should choose crowdfunding for their needs
  • Best practices for a successful fundraising campaign
  • Setting up a campaign on PledgeCents

A live Q&A with Saberioon and Ross will follow the presentation. Registrants can earn professional development (PD) credit for attending the webinar, as well as be the first to learn about a new, special opportunity from PledgeCents.

A recording will be made available shortly after the webinar date.

PledgeCents is a fundraising platform that helps people leverage the power of their communities. They partner with various organizations, all of which are verified. In the education space, that includes Pear Deck, Classcraft, and Vidcode, among others.


Photo credit: gpointstudio / Shutterstock.com

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