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Classcraft and the Discovery Educator Network are giving back this Teacher Appreciation Week. Starting May 6, teachers everywhere can access exciting 360-degree VR video experiences through engaging “choose-your-own-adventure” lesson plans for students.

Classcraft’s Discovery Educator Network Quest provides all the learning activities you need to jump in right away. Students explore 360-degree video experiences, from swimming with sharks to freeboarding in San Francisco, directly in their computer browser or with their favorite virtual reality headset, like Google Cardboard, Gear VR, or Oculus Rift.

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“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with the Discovery Educator Network for Teacher Appreciation Week,” said Devin Young, the co-founder and president of Classcraft. “This marks the beginning of exciting new possibilities for our Quests feature, which has resulted in over 76,000 original lessons from teachers and over 2.5 million student assignments completed. Now, thanks to our work with the Discovery Educator Network, we can say thanks to our wonderful community and amazing educators all over the world by sharing innovative, openly accessible lessons that harness the incredible power of VR.”

What are Quests?

Remember the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books from your childhood, where you could explore different storylines depending on decisions you made? Quests are a lot like those. In Quests, students embark on an adventure on an interactive map designed for self-paced, personalized learning.

Each point on the map consists of a learning activity, which could be a worksheet, video, quiz, or other material. As students progress, they unlock chapters in a compelling story, uncover more of the beautifully illustrated map, and access different branching paths that help them learn (or receive more of a challenge) depending on their mastery of the content — all of  which gets them excited to advance and find out what happens next.

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What are the benefits of using Quests?

Quests are powerful because they build fun classroom culture using collaboration and play and engage students with motivating gaming principles. Each learning activity allows for online discussion with classmates, as well as assignments, either through text and file submission (Google Classroom and Google Drive are fully supported).

As students complete their quest, they earn points for their Classcraft character, which they can use to earn cool new gear and pets or learn new game “powers,” which they can activate to redeem real-life privileges, such as eating in class or getting more time on an exam. Powers also help their teammates, which promotes collaboration. Over time, Classcraft rewires social dynamics to facilitate a supportive environment where students thrive.

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