New Toca Lab game teaches students about the plants in their community

Toca Boca recently released a new entry in the Toca Lab science game series. Toca Lab: Plants teaches students all about botany and the everyday plants they can find all around them.

Available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire, Toca Lab: Plants enables players to collect plants, conduct science experiments to learn about them, and evolve them into new species. Kids will find out when happens when they ask questions like, does your plant bask in light or shirk away? What’s the plant’s optimal diet? And, what happens if you mix two plants together?

The app costs $3 and features 35 plants to discover and five different lab locations: a light area, watering tank, nutrition station, cloning machine, and crossbreeding apparatus.

The developer’s previous Toca Lab title, Toca Lab: Elements, taught students about the periodic table.

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