New science game Niche teaches students genetics and biology

The new science game Niche teaches students about genetics and biology — from predator survival to climate change.

Niche uses turn-based strategy, simulation, and “roguelike” video game elements to challenge students to use real genetics to learn about species populations and survival against predators, illnesses, and climate. As they play, students can discover over 100 genes; four biomes of predators, prey, and flora; and “procedurally generated” worlds and animals.

The goal is to keep a whole family line alive by breeding generations with positive genetic traits, which students can see in action as they manifest, according to

Niche, from developer Stray Fawn Studio in Switzerland, was a nominee at the BIG (Brazil’s Independent Games) Festival for the Best Educational or Learning Game Award. It costs $18 and is available on distribution platform Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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