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Save on a subscription to Classcraft Premium

First, the so-so news: The price of a one-year subscription to Classcraft Premium is going up.

Now, the good news: As a member of the Classcraft community, you have until the end of September to lock in a low price. We’re talking 20% off here, people.

Save before the new pricing goes into effect 

Raising the price of Premium isn’t a decision we came to easily (more on that below).

What was easy for us? Deciding to give our community a nice, long window to lock in a discounted rate on a yearly Premium subscription.

The new pricing, in a nutshell: A one-year subscription to Premium will cost $120 starting October 1. From now until Sept. 30, you can get a one-year subscription for $96 (that’s 20% off). You’ll have almost an entire month to lock in your low rate.

Here’s what that means for you.

  • If you’re using the free version of Classcraft: This is the best time to upgrade to Premium and take advantage of all the features at a lower cost.
  • If you’re a monthly subscriber: Not only will switching to yearly save you 20% off the standard yearly subscription price, but you’ll save 33% off the total annual price of your monthly subscription.
  • If you’re a yearly subscriber: Renew now before your account expires to make sure you get the $96 rate for the upcoming year.
  • If you’re not using Classcraft: Really?!? Now’s your chance to experience all that Classcraft has to offer for a low price. Personalized learning quests, ready-made adventure stories, analytics, and more — it’s all yours for a year for $96.

Why are we raising the price of Classcraft Premium?

We know you’re wondering the answer to this question, so we thought we’d tackle it head-on.

Raising prices isn’t something we like to do at Classcraft. The last time we made changes to the price of Classcraft Premium was four years ago, to be exact. And while that’s not reason alone to raise prices, there are a couple of other factors that influenced our decision.

Over the past few years, we’ve added a ton of value to Premium: First came Boss Battles, then Quests, then Analytics. And now we have Story Mode, which gives you the power to engage students through the power of storytelling while sparing you the hassle of, you know, actually creating your own narratives.

These enhancements required considerable investment. We have awesome writers and illustrators on our Storytelling team who do painstaking work to make sure each episode of Story Mode is as compelling as the type of stories students consume in their daily lives.

Our conversations with teachers like you have revealed to us just how much of an impact these features can make on the learning experience. And at Classcraft, making learning more meaningful has always been our goal. Raising prices isn’t something we’re excited about, but in the end, it supports the efforts that we need to take to help you and your students achieve your goals.

Over the next few months, we look forward to bringing you even more exciting new features that will help you keep your students motivated all year long. Until then, keep learning seriously fun! 

If you have any questions about the changes, please get in touch with us at

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