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Giving positive behavior support just got easier

Educators everywhere are scrambling to adapt to this unexpected shift to remote learning. And students? They’re suddenly having to learn remotely  —  from home. With stressed-out parents or guardians. During a pandemic.

It hasn’t been easy for anyone. But we’re here to help.

Classcraft teachers, these upgrades are for you!

We’ve made it easier than ever for teachers to give points for positive behavior — saving you precious time while you’re working to keep students motivated.

GP and XP from one single button. That’s right  — no more time spent deciding between the two options! Teachers can start rewarding positive behavior with the click of a single button — and from there can determine how to divvy the points up.

A new points window with a beautiful view! Teachers can now see all of their behavior settings in one convenient location

Say hello to our new settings for positive student behaviors 

The sudden shift to remote learning also brings an entirely new set of expectations for student behavior. 

Deciding which behaviors to promote in a remote setting might feel overwhelming.

That’s why, as of today — and until the end of this school year — Classcraft’s default positive behavior settings are specifically aimed at promoting positive behaviors that contribute to a healthy remote learning environment. 

Our goal is to help teachers guide students towards these positive remote learning outcomes:

Being an empowered learner: students are autonomous and in control of their remote learning.

Being an engaged learner: students actively participate in their online lessons and are self-motivated.

Contributing to the learning community: students keep the spirit of their classroom community alive by nurturing relationships with their peers while learning remotely.

These new online behavior settings are:

  • Available to all educators currently using Classcraft 
  • Adapted for each grade level (K-12)
  • Can be synched schoolwide (for those with schoolwide licenses)
  • Based on ISTE and CASEL standards
  • Supports PBIS initiatives

One last thing … 

In order to roll out these features to meet the needs of educators, we’ve temporarily had to disable teachers’ ability to award points attributed to a behavior setting from our mobile app. That said, teachers can still go ahead and award points just because! 

And that’s it — for now! We really hope these upgrades make your online teaching experience easier.

For more helpful tips, check out Classcraft’s Guide to Remote Learning

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