Museum of London uses Minecraft to re-create the Great Fire of 1666

The Museum of London is commemorating the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of 1666 in a brand-new way: free maps in Minecraft.

In a post on its website, digital learning coordinator Joshua Blair explains that the museum worked with “brilliant Minecrafters” to re-create 17th-century London and the devastating fire that almost destroyed it. YouTube gamers Adam Clarke and Dragnoz, as well as Blockworks—a team of architects, artists, and designers working within Minecraft—contributed to the project.

Two maps, “Pre-fire London” and “The Fire,” are available to download for free now. A third map, “Post-fire,” is coming in February 2017. Players will experience the fire in a virtual environment, helping to uncover its causes, fight the fire (which lasted four days), and ultimately rebuild London one voxel at a time. The museum used its collections as a reference.

The Minecraft maps are part of a promotion for the Museum of London’s exhibition “Fire! Fire!”, which began in July and lasts until April 17, 2017.

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