Microsoft’s new Code Builder is Scratch for Minecraft lovers

This month, Microsoft introduced a Code Builder for Minecraft: Education Edition that will change the way your students learn to code.

With Code Builder, students can write code in the virtual world of Minecraft. The feature provides familiar tools and tutorials for kids by connecting with other visual-programming or block-based platforms like ScratchX, Tynker, and the new Microsoft MakeCode., which partners with Microsoft for Minecraft Hour of Code, is also bringing its Code Studio to the Builder later this year.

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A digital assistant called Agent executes coding instructions, and students can switch from block-based programming to Javascript at any time.

“It allows for the students to still think about algorithms and how to solve problems, and they can demonstrate this with the Agent,” Melissa Wrenchey, a teacher at Tesla STEM High School, said in a statement.

Teachers are already using Minecraft to teach math and various other subjects in the classroom. Last year, the Museum of London released free educational maps in Minecraft to teach the Great Fire of 1666.

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