McAfee’s new education game teaches kids about cyber security

McAfee has just made an online role-playing game that teaches kids how to stay safe in the digital world.

To celebrate World Password Day, internet security company McAfee teamed up with True Key, an alternative to text passwords that uses facial or fingerprint recognition, to release a game about cyber security.

The browser game (available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Safari Mobile) sends kids on a mission to secure stolen top-secret documents using multi-factor authentication. Their ultimate goal: to save the world from a password crisis. Given the recent Gmail phishing scam, which shows how big an issue online privacy and safety is, the game comes at a good time.

The cyber security game—which looks like a legitimate video game, with nice-quality graphics reminiscent of other 2D RPGs on Steam like To the Moon or Stardew Valley—was designed by McAfee employee Michel Duguay during his spare time.

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