DragonBox Elements learning game teaches geometry through puzzles

DragonBox has come out with a new learning game to teach geometry.

Available now for iOS and Android, DragonBox Elements takes kids on an adventure to defeat the evil dragon Osgard. By completing geometric proofs, players free characters from hidden shapes and recruit them into a heroic army.

DragonBox Elements features over 100 geometry puzzles designed to foster curiosity for math and improve logical reasoning skills. It’s aimed at kids 9 years and older.

The mobile game costs $5. It gets its name from Elements, an influential 13-volume work in the history of mathematics and geometry, which was written by the Greek mathematician Euclid.

You can read our review of DragonBox Numbers here. It works to develop “number sense” in children, rather than forcing rote memorization. Last year, DragonBox also released DragonBox Big Numbers, which focuses on long addition and subtraction.

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