Games for Change announces its 2017 award nominees in learning, civics, and more

Games for Change has nominated its top games across the Neurogaming & Health, Civics & Social Impact, and Games for Learning tracks for 2017. All nominees are up for the top honor of G4C’s Game of the Year award.

G4C holds an annual festival in New York City each year to celebrate games making a positive social difference, and many of those fall into education. The 2017 festival will take place on July 31-August 2.

Judges will select the winners, but G4C is also opening voting up to the public for a special People’s Choice category. You can cast your vote on Mashable.

Below are the 2017 nominees, some of which we’ve looked at here on the Classcraft Blog. Stay tuned for our coverage of G4C 2017 in New York later this month!

Nominees for ‘Best Gameplay’ 

Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition — Minecraft: Education Edition brings the popular computer game to the classroom and leverages it to teach students subjects like math and coding.

Sea Hero Quest — This mobile game turns kids into real-world scientists whose efforts help in the fight against dementia.

Tracking Ida — An alternate reality game (ARG) where students learn about Ida B. Wells’ crusade against lynching by investigating police killings, making media to spread awareness, and more.

Nominees for ‘Most Innovative’

Epistory Typing Chronicles Game 5

Epistory: Typing Chronicles — This adventure game takes students on a quest across a mysterious land, which they save by practicing their typing skills.

Everything — A simulation where learners can create a universe and inhabit everything they see, from animals to planets.

Pry — An iPad app that combines cinema, games, and books to reimagine storytelling and understanding of character.

Nominees for ‘Most Significant Impact’

Walden, a game

Liyla and the Shadows of the War — A mobile game that recounts the story of a girl living in Gaza during the 2014 war.

Walden — This first-person re-creation of Henry David Thoreau’s experiment enables learners to experience Walden Pond as the philosopher once did.

Minecraft: Education Edition

Nominees for ‘Best Learning Game’

At Play in the Cosmos

1979 Revolution: Black Friday — In this choice-driven narrative game, students play as a photojournalist struggling to survive Iran in the late 1970s.

DragonBox Big Numbers — Another math game from DragonBox that focuses on teaching kids long addition and subtraction.

At Play in the Cosmos — A game where students sit in the pilot’s seat to learn about astronomy and scientific processes.

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