Cogent Education launching Interactive Case study on evolution

Cogent Education is releasing a new simulation in its Interactive Cases playable series, where kids become scientists solving real-world problems.

The new Interactive Case looks at evolution and puts students in the role of a CDC scientist investigating an outbreak of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections. Students will record observations, analyze data, formulate and test hypotheses, and more. Teachers can track how students are progressing in real time.

Focus areas in the Interactive Case include macroevolution, microevolution, natural selection, traits, alleles, fitness, selective pressures, mutations, diversity of genes, and genetic resistance.

Cogent’s Interactive Cases are available for Mac, PC, Android, and iPads. This July, each will be available online as a web version. You can fill out this form to be notified if you’d like to try the new version in April.

Packages start at $80 for three and cover an entire class of students. Topics include osmosis, diffusion, cell respiration, photosynthesis, protein synthesis, cell signaling, membrane potential, action potentials, the nitrogen cycle, membrane transport, synaptic transmission, enzymes, meiosis, and evolution.

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