Lumosity’s new games address everyday math problems

Lumos Labs, the creator of cognitive brain training product Lumosity, has released four new games that address the everyday math problems that students (and adults) may struggle with.

The Science and Games teams for Lumosity worked to design games to help teach fundamental math skills to people of all ages and skill levels using gamification. The new math category of Lumosity consists of four games:

  • Raindrops, a numerical calculation game where players race against the clock to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems
  • Chalkboard Challenge and Top That, which deal with numerical estimation, or “the ability to approximate numerical relationships quickly or with incomplete information”
  • And Halve Your Cake, which focuses on proportional reasoning, or practicing fractions and percentages as players measure out cake ingredients

Lumosity Math

“A lot of Lumosity’s success has hinged on our ability to transform traditional pencil-and-paper concepts into fun games,” said Anthony Garcia, the head of product at Lumos Labs. “With math, we were inspired by some daily dilemmas — quickly estimating tips, comparing prices at the grocery store — and I’m proud of the team for making math drills as engaging and accessible as our classic games like Train of Thought.”

Lumosity Math is now available for web and mobile in the free game rotation, and subscribers get access to the Math Workout Mode to play the games at any time. A fifth game is on the way and will address probabilistic reasoning skills.

Earlier this year, Lumosity launched a language category, which it plans to expand in 2018, along with its math games.

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