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LRNG and Classcraft partner to deliver powerful learning experiences

Corrinna PoleSeptember 13, 2018

Classcraft and LRNG are proud to launch a new integration that will give students greater access to learning that engages them and helps them develop career readiness.

The LRNG platform enables students to access new learning resources and experiences, both online and local, and earn “badges,” or digital microcredentials, for their completion. This gives students real opportunities that will help them gain valuable skills and knowledge to succeed in the job market. The new integration gamifies this process and extends the classroom experience with Classcraft to address critical needs of career readiness.

“We’re thrilled to welcome LRNG as a partner,” said Devin Young, the co-founder and president of Classcraft. “LRNG is a pioneer when it comes to creating quality, real-world learning experiences. By leveraging the unique learning opportunities of LRNG and the motivating gaming principles of Classcraft, we can better engage today’s connected students and prepare them for success once they graduate.”

Teachers interested in using LRNG and Classcraft together can learn more about the integration here.

This fall, Classcraft and LRNG will also partner to publish a quest — or self-paced, personalized learning adventure in Classcraft — that presents teachers with a series of lesson activities and assignments around game design. Students will earn Classcraft points and LRNG badges based on their progress.

“This is our first step in what we hope to be a long journey with LRNG,” said Young. “We’re really excited to see the potential synergies between the two platforms.”

Since the feature’s release last year, Quests has resulted in over 97,000 original lessons from teachers and over 3 million completed student assignments, including over 200,000 Google Classroom objectives. The new Quests Marketplace provides educators with hundreds of narrative-driven lessons created by teachers and publishers like LRNG and the Discovery Educator Network. Lessons are available for every subject, grade, and standard.

LRNG is transforming learning for the 21st century by equipping youth with the skills and knowledge to be career-ready. By connecting networks of in-school, out-of-school, employer-based, and online learning organizations, LRNG brings learning opportunities and alternative paths to success to youth based on their interests and passions.

Classcraft is a Quebec- and New York City-based education technology company that uses gaming principles to address student motivation. By blending students’ physical and virtual learning, the program reframes their progress in school as a game they play together. Using collaboration and play to build more empathetic and fun classroom culture, the game rewires existing social dynamics and facilitates a supportive environment where students thrive.

Classcraft is used in over 75 countries, including over 160,000 classrooms in the U.S., and has over 4 million users around the world. It’s being used from elementary school to university, in every subject and 11 languages.