We Asked Teachers: What does your proud teacher moment look like?

Welcome to October!

The polish of the new school year has worn off. For some teachers, the September honeymoon was over after the second week of school. Antsy students are trying to find out who’s really in control of the classroom, figuring out where you’ll draw the line, and trying to see if you’re paying as close attention as you were during the first week. 

It’s no wonder so many teachers can find themselves feeling demoralized. Thinking of the more successful moments in your classroom can definitely be a lifesaver. 

These are the moments that remind you why teaching is worth it. More importantly, they prove that you’ve done an amazing job! Way to go, you awesome teacher, you! 

Now that the chaos of the new school year has died down, we wanted to hear from teachers about their winning classroom moments. So we took to Twitter to ask, “What moment this week gave you that ‘I’VE GOT THIS’ feeling?” Here’s what they shared. 

Educators share their proud teacher moments

That uplifting class experience is something Classcraft wants teachers and students to feel every day. 

Powered by things kids love — games and storytelling — students work toward their success as they cheer each other on, all while teachers enjoy a better way to motivate, engage, and connect with their students. More than changing the social dynamic and helping students become responsible and self-aware; Classcraft creates fun classrooms where everyone wins.

Have you experienced any success moments so far? Share your own with us on Twitter.

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