Our new behavior presets and targeted interventions make PBIS, MTSS, and SEL easy

Tiered intervention programs like PBIS and MTSS have the potential to help educators improve student behavior and school climate. But most implementations face some common challenges.

For one, teachers don’t have an easy way to continuously develop competencies. This leads to inconsistencies, even within the same school. In a remote setting, these inconsistencies become even more significant.

Also, most tiered intervention initiatives don’t include Tier 2 interventions because they require being able to identify students who need support — and providing the specific kind of support they need to grow.

To help educators meet these two common challenges, we’re excited to roll out two new features designed specifically for educators overseeing tiered intervention initiatives.

  • New behavior presets, or settings, that align with common standards for student development and lead to consistent Tier 1 interventions.
  • A targeted intervention feature that enables educators to identify at-risk students and develop targeted interventions for Tier 2 and Tier 3 students.

Want the full scoop? Read on! But if you’d like to hear how these features can support your tiered intervention initiative, go ahead and schedule a demo.

New behavior settings aligned to common standards

Classcraft’s new behavior settings develop, assess, and report on student progress toward these standards.

We want to make it as easy as possible for educators to promote positive behaviors that align with common standards. That means:

  • Developing students by promoting positive behaviors that align with these standards.
  • Measuring student progress toward these standards by assessing their behavior, in the classroom or remotely. 
  • Reporting on progress toward these standards at the school and individual student level.

Out of the gate, we’ve equipped Classcraft with behavior settings for school and district administrators who want to develop students and assess their progress toward meeting standards of good behavior that align with:

Making Tier 1 interventions easier, more consistent, and more powerful

We’ve actually made it easy to align student behavior expectations to common standards — one click and it’s done. If a school or district wishes to customize their settings as the year goes on, they can.

Classcraft is a student-driven implementation, which generates high-fidelity data. By consistently aligning behavior expectations to common standards, this data becomes even more meaningful and actionable.

How the new behavior settings work

When setting up Classcraft, educators can select which set of standards they’d like their implementation of Classcraft to align with. These standards automatically sync with all teacher accounts, allowing students to operate with the same set of expectations from class to class. 

Behavior settings for the standards listed above will be available to schoolwide users of Classcraft starting today. We plan to add settings for more standards throughout the year.

Targeted interventions that support Tier 2 interventions — and help prevent Tier 3

Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions are an inherent part of tiered intervention programs like PBIS and MTSS, but most implementations only focus on Tier 1 interventions.

Most often, it’s because they don’t provide the data necessary to identify and support at-risk students or the systems to implement intervention with fidelity. Classcraft’s approach allows educators to meet individual student needs at scale, driving sustainable impact. 

Classcraft’s new targeted intervention feature makes it possible for educators overseeing initiatives like PBIS and MTSS to identify and reach at-risk students.

How targeted interventions work within Classcraft

Classcraft’s targeted intervention feature makes Tier 2 interventions easier and helps prevent Tier 3 interventions by enabling educators to identify at-risk students based on the behaviors they exhibit (or don’t exhibit) — and then promote specific behaviors that are tailored to those students’ individual needs.

Our targeted interventions feature will be available to schoolwide users of Classcraft in late June.

Tiered intervention doesn’t have to be hard!

We’re all-in on making tiered intervention easier for school and district administrators. We can’t wait to equip Classcraft with even more behavior settings in the weeks and months ahead.

Using Classcraft for PBIS, MTSS or SEL? Give us a shout on social @classcraftgame.

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