Students create wildly imaginative pets inspired by the Classcraft Universe

This month, Story Mode: Episode 3, Classcraft’s year-long adventure series, introduced our heroes to Karaz Island, home of the Mages. The new episode also came with a bonus: our newest pet, Crysta! 

To celebrate Crysta’s arrival, we invited teachers and students to conceive of a pet that would thrive on Karaz Island and be Crysta’s BFF for a chance to get a top-secret surprise.

Wildly amazing and imaginative entries came in from more than 35 classrooms. The quality and thought students put into their creations ⁠astounded us — fire gorillas that eat lava, fluffy interdimensional beings that love cuddles, rabbits that can harness the power of the sun, and more.

While receiving so many brilliant entries made the choice difficult, we’re excited to announce that the winning pet is … Fire Gem, the flame rhino! 

This sizzling entry from a member of Ben Weaver’s fourth grade class is EN FUEGO. With a horn made of fire and a gem-studded back, Fire Gem is no doubt a great companion for Crysta. This “large and in charge” pair will no doubt have endless fun adventures together. Ben’s classroom will receive a one-of-a-kind Crysta themed sticker from Classcraft HQ. 

There could be only one winner, but there were lots of masterpieces ⁠— over 155 actually! — for us to consider. We couldn’t possibly include them all, but here are some of our picks for Honorable Mention:

Kim Parsons’ class submitted 21 impressive vivid pets with amazing names and traits. Ash is shy but kind, and her eyes change color with her emotions: 

Some of Erika Rodriguez’s students teamed up to create pets like Melody:

Kelly Kurtz’s class put a lot of thought into their creations, as seen here with Opal, who loves flying and is a cave expert:  

Adorable, cuddly, and quirky pets came from Therese Valente’s classroom, like Molly the crystal moose, who loves hot springs (us too, Molly!):

Robin Nehila’s class came up with some pretty innovative pets like Inti here, who can ride on Crysta’s back:

13 unbearably cute and inventive creatures, some with fantastic names like Razzle Bowskin, came from Tyler Stern’s students:

This interdimensional dragon was one of the fabulous creations from Mrs. Colino’s class:

These extraordinary entries came from Patty Townsend’s students:

Lots of fantastic pets came from the minds of Josie Sodersten’s class: 

Amber Wooten’s students created these colorful companions:

Toronto-based teacher Olivia Coady sent in Dian, a fantastic beast with an outstanding backstory: 

This challenge may be over, but we always love seeing your Classcraft-inspired creations. Share them with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and we may send you a little surprise! 

Thank you to all the awesome teachers and students who participated! Stay tuned for more fun. Our year-long adventure series continues in November with the release of Episode 4. Watch for it at or subscribe to Story Mode.

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