Spring CUE 2018 review — Event highlights

CUE 2018 has come to an end — and so has The CUE Adventure. As we leave Palm Springs, California, and head home, here’s a little overview to remember the conference by.

Missed our other recaps? Here are all the best moments from #CUE18 Day 1 and Day 2.

But first, here are some fun stats from The CUE Adventure:

#CUEST18 Highlights:

175 people participated in the CUE Adventure
Over 250 tweets were generated throughout the event (#CUEST18)
45 percent of participants chose to be a Warrior, 23 percent chose to be a Mage, and 32 percent chose to be a Healer
157,100 total Gold Pieces (GP) were earned
3,462 total gear pieces were purchased
10 people finished their quest
49 percent of participants decided to follow the suspicious-looking man while 51 percent took the old beggar’s advice
8 people completed the post-game content for more GP
5 percent of people chose to explore the coastal ruins at the end (“Ambush in the Ruins”) while 45 percent explored the canyon (“Lost in the Cliffs”)
The most popular pet was the wolf

#CUE18 Hall of Fame — now on to the tweets!

Here are some of the best moments from #CUE18.

All the best GIFs:

So many cool avatars!

Here’s to meeting awesome folks along the way

… And here’s to cool apps!

We experienced so many inspiring moments!

Did we miss something cool? Share your favorite moments from CUE 2018 in the comments!

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