Spring CUE 2018 review — Day 1 recap

CUE 2018 has officially begun, and thousands of teachers from across the country are gathered in Palm Springs, California, to connect with other educators, learn from expert thought leaders — and start their CUE Adventure.

We’ve collected some of the best moments from Day 1 of the conference below. But first …

What is The CUE Adventure?

This year, Classcraft (booth #132) is transforming the CUE exhibit hall into an epic adventure. Participants create their own legendary hero and complete objectives within the exhibit hall to earn Gold Pieces (GP), which they can use to make their hero look even more awesome.

The CUE Adventure uses Classcraft’s Quests, a tool that deeply engages students and personalizes their learning through choose-your-own adventure maps and storylines that teachers create from their existing lesson plans and materials. It’s one of many ways Classcraft creates a more meaningful school experience for students.

Best moments from #CUE18 Day 1:

Here are some of the best tweets from Day 1 of #CUEST18. Are you at CUE 2018? Start your CUE Adventure by heading over to cue.classcraft.com.

The adventure begins …

Who are the educators at #CUE18?

Oh look, it’s Classcraft’s own Shawn Young, soaking up the rays! Bring some back to Canada for us, Shawn!

What brought you to #CUE18?

What cool things are people seeing at #CUE18?

Did we miss something cool? Share your favorite moments from CUE 2018 in the comments!

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