What if students actually WANTED to be at school?

Let’s reimagine education. What would happen if students actually wanted to be at school? 

Imagine what would be possible if we could shift the mindset of school being something we had to do to being something we wanted to do. 

Think about the type of community that could be built if students were engaged, motivated, and cared about where and how they were learning.  

Pioneers of Good podcast host Kate Strong talks with Shawn Young, Classcraft CEO and co-founder, about the school experience. They explore how Classcraft, as an educational innovation leader, transforms engagement to inspire and empower students. 

In this interview, Kate and Shawn talked about: 

  • Gamification as a powerful method of teaching
  • The inspiration that led to the creation of Classcraft 
  • How Classcraft makes education seriously more engaging
  • What resistance the next generation education 

Shawn also shared his advice for parents trying to get their kids motivated about school. 

Give it a listen and let us know what you think on Twitter.

Photo: Malte Wingen / Unsplash

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