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16 great classroom management resources

Are you looking for ways to better manage your classroom? Look no further. Below is a list of some of the most innovative and effective tricks and tools for every aspect of classroom management. From organization to managing student behavior, we’ve got you covered. Browse through each section, take what you need, and start putting the pieces in place for the best school year yet!

Classroom behavior management resources: 

Classroom design

1. The Science of Classroom Design by Bournemouth English Book Centre (BEBC)

This blog post is super informative and provides research-based tips on classroom layouts in an infographic. Walls, lighting, and strategic coloring are also discussed. Who knew that fixing up a classroom was so scientific?

2. Classroom Layout Ideas Board by Pinterest

Teachers are always looking for unique ways to set up student’s desks. This Pinterest board shows over sixty different ways to group students for better learning. I’ve used Wing number 5 and 6 in my classroom in the past. The boardroom looks interesting. Which will you use in your next setup?

3. Classroom Architect by 4Teachers.org 

Sometimes, simply reading about ways to layout a classroom isn’t enough. If you need help visualizing where to place desks, your reading corner, etc., try Classroom Architect.

This classroom management resource allows teachers to create a customized classroom floor plan based on specific room dimensions. There are options to add icons such as student desks, tables, bookshelves, and rugs. After creating your perfect vision, you can print it out the blueprint and use it to replicate the same layout.

4. Classroom Environment Ideas by Pinterest

Once you’ve designed a layout and put it in place, you’ll be ready to decorate. Scrolling through these classroom environment images provided by Pinterest is a great way to spark some creative ideas of your own.

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5. 50 Amazing Teacher Hacks by Teaching with TLA

This blog post is a gold mine when it comes to organization tips. It includes other classroom management tips as well. Teaching with TLA suggests some efficient and creative ways of getting started. My personal favorite are using a clothing rack to store anchor charts and using a toolbox to store manipulatives or classroom supplies.

6. 10 Classroom Organizational Hacks Video by Pocketful of Primary 

Wondering how to get things more organized using basic storage containers you have lying around the house? This YouTube video shows you how to use cheap items like shoe organizers and binder clips to whip even the most cluttered, unorganized classroom into shape.

7. 35 Money-Saving DIYs For Teachers On A Budget by Buzzfeed

Who isn’t looking for ways to save money? This is especially true during back-to-school months. Thankfully, Buzzfeed staff member Peggy Wang compiled a helpful list of things that we educators can tackle ourselves.

Need a mailbox system for your students? Buzzfeed has the answer. And if you’re looking for dry erase board alternatives, cheap storage solutions, and file folder setup examples, those tips are included as well.

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Classroom rules and procedures

8. 37 Classroom Rules for Student Success by Prodigy

If you’re a new teacher or making a grade change, coming up with new rules for your classroom is probably on your to-do list. Prodigy makes the process a lot easier with this article. It explains how to come up with a great rule list, provides over 30 examples, and covers consequences as well. Even veteran teachers can benefit from this read since it highlights parent buy-in and how to balance boundaries and compassion.

9. 30 Classroom Procedures to Head Off Behavior Problems by Scholastic

The things that seem simple to us as teachers are often confusing for kids. For example, I once assumed that all kids know not to visit the restroom during a lesson without asking for permission.

As it turns out, they do not. Unfortunately, I learned this lesson in the middle of an informal evaluation (facepalm). Had I considered the procedure beforehand, I might not have received a 2.0 rating in classroom procedures.

Moral of the story: Make sure every procedure is covered, even if it seems like common sense. Scholastic’s classroom procedure list is a great place to start.

10. Classroom Management: Procedures and Routines by Ms. May

Once you’ve decided on your procedures, you’ll need to figure out how you are going to teach them. Ms. May has some great ideas. Her video on procedures and routines shows exactly how to get routines through to your students and how to “anchor” them in your classroom. This is especially great for teachers of younger students.

11. Classroom Procedures PowerPoint with Memes by Chalk and Apples

If you teach older kids, consider spending the five bucks it costs to download this procedure PowerPoint created by Chalk and Apples. It covers everything from what kids should do if they need a pencil to where they should turn in work. Because each procedure is connected to a funny (and kid-friendly) meme, your do’s and don’ts will be much more memorable. Teacher Pay Teacher has one for rules as well!

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Student behavior

12. Reward Coupons found on Teachers Pay Teachers

You can’t go wrong with reward coupons. Allowing your students to ditch their homework, eat a snack in class, or have 10 minutes of free time can work wonders. Not only are reward cards cheap, but they are also proven positive behavior boosters.

Teachers Pay Teachers has a ton of different sets to choose from. The one featured here is for older students since it’s difficult to find classroom management resources for middle and high school. However, a quick search for “classroom reward coupons” will bring up lots of cards to choose from.

13. Classroom Management by Classcraft

Looking for a way to get students to do what you need them to do? Aren’t we all? Thankfully, classroom management programs are making it a lot easier to get the job done than it was in the past. There are several different systems out there, but Classcraft is one of the best.

For one, it gamifies classroom behavior tracking so that there’s more student buy-in. It also increases student engagement while sending kids on epic quests. Who knew that dragons and homework could connect?

14. The Ultimate List of PBIS Incentives by PBIS Rewards

If you plan on using Classcraft in connection with a whole-class or individual reward system, you’ll need lots of incentive ideas. This comprehensive list created by PBIS Rewards can be used in connection with any classroom management plan. Some of the incentives listed are tangible things like colored pencils and bookmarks, while others are privilege-based (i.e., create a craft or dress up as your favorite character). There are also recognition ideas on the list, such as getting to lead morning announcements or the lunch line.

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Managing instructional time

15. Time Management by Monday.com

This one was not created for teachers in particular, but it can help the overworked and overwhelmed. The platform allows you to track your to-dos, keep up with your time, share project boards with others, and plan things out visually. Signing up for a subscription allowed me to ditch the expensive planners and keep my work and home life responsibilities organized in one place.

16. Bell Ringer Exercises by Edutopia.com

One of the hardest parts of being a teacher is juggling teaching and administrative duties. If you need to keep your students busy while you take roll or put objectives on the board, bell work is the way to go — not just any bell work, though. Edutopia’s Todd Finley created a cover-all inventory of some of the best bell ringer exercises for every single subject.

Other Great Resources:

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