Equity and education: what’s the link?

Equity. We sometimes tend to think about equity as making education fairer, but fairness can be a little hard to wrap your head around. And trying to teach it to students who are learning remotely, or in some sort of hybrid/blended model, can be even harder.

David Adams (@DAdams_SEL) of The Urban Assembly (@UrbanAssembly) joins the podcast to talk about how he defines equity, why promoting it in distance learning is so challenging, and the inextricable link between equity and education.

The Senior Director of Strategy previously served as the Director of Social-Emotional Learning at the Urban Assembly, and prior to that was the Social-Emotional Learning Coordinator for District 75, where he shaped the District’s approach to social-emotional learning for students with severe cognitive and behavioral challenges.

David has worked internationally in schools in England, standing up and evaluating programs of positive behavioral supports and Social-Emotional Learning as a research intern at Yale University’s Health, Emotion and Behavior Lab, and published multiple academic papers around the relationship of social-emotional competence and student academic and behavioral outcomes. 

The co-author of “The Educator’s Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence“, serves on the Board of Directors of CASEL, and is an Engineering Officer in the Army Reserve.

David will join a panel discussion about how games can promote equity at Classcraft and Google’s The Great Exchange: 2020 Student Engagement Summit. Register for free to catch it live

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