Classcraft helps teachers #ClearTheLists with 30 school days of giveaways!

Funding is a huge issue in education, one that reaches into almost every classroom. A Texas teacher didn’t think it should be, so she spearheaded a campaign for teachers to fill other teachers’ Amazon wish lists of school supplies. 

What Courtney Jones didn’t expect was for musicians, celebs, politicians, businesses, and every day people to get on board with stocking classrooms from the U.S. and beyond! The outpouring of love for teachers shows how valued and appreciated they are. 

Classcraft was also inspired by Jones’ grassroots movement to #ClearTheLists for teachers. So we’re joining the challenge!

30 school days of giveaways! 

Teachers want to give their students the best environment to learn in. It’s hard to do that when you don’t have the supplies you need. That’s why we’re ready to help teacher #ClearTheLists for the next 30 days! 

Every school day until Sept. 30, we’ll be clearing up to $100 of items off a teacher’s Amazon wish list! 

If you’re a teacher with a list of school supplies, or you’re a friend or fan of a teacher with a list that needs filling, share it with us! 

Ready to enter? 

Head over to this pinned post on our Twitter page and drop your Amazon wish list in the reply. Give @classcraftgame a follow, then retweet the post, and, voila, your list is entered in the giveaway. 

That’s it! 

We’ll draw one list at random from the replies and announce the winner each morning. Sign up to our newsletter for a recap of the giveaway. 

Many thanks to @support_a_teach (Twitter, Instagram) for giving all of us a way to help #ClearTheLists. 

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