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March Quest of the Month: Creative color wheel art lesson

Corrinna PoleMarch 12, 2021

Teaching art? Telling your students about color theory isn’t bad. But you know what’s great? Helping them find their inner artist through creative process experience in a multimedia Quest!

Each month at Classcraft, we choose one awesome teacher-created Quest — personalized, self-paced, choose-your-own-adventure lessons plans for students — to share with educators everywhere. For March, we’ve picked Jennifer Endres’ (@Endres_art) “Color Families” as our Quest of the Month.

This hands-on art lesson teaches elementary students about primary, secondary, complementary, warm/cool, and monochrome colors, in English and Spanish. It’s flexible enough to work in your art classroom or as a remote lesson and a great way to learn about color schemes.

As they progress through the Quest, students will learn about color theory with embedded videos, pictures, and by following step-by-step instructions. They’ll understand color relationships, explore the color wheel, and create color combinations. 

Students will prove their knowledge and skill through projects they can do at home or in class. And they’ll use Quests features like discussions to share written responses. 

For their final task, students will pick one of four tutorials to follow and create their very own masterpieces. 

Click this link to import this teacher-made lesson into your game. 

This Quest is part of a huge library of lessons created by teachers around the world for K-12 students. If you’re new to Classcraft, check out how Quests can supercharge your lesson plans. Whether you’re a Classcraft newbie or pro, are using a free account or Premium, everyone can level-up their Quests with our free plug-and-play narrative experience, Story Mode.

Already teaching with Classcraft? Submit your Quests for consideration for the next Quest of the Month. Our goal is to spotlight the amazing educators who inspire us and share creative, teacher-made content with our global community of forward-thinking educators. You could have your quest featured too and have your very own avatar created by our illustrators. 

Now, meet the creative Gamemaster behind this Quest. Take it away, Jennifer!

Gamemaster Jennifer Endres featured in a custom avatar
Gamemaster Jennifer Endres featured in a custom avatar

What are your teaching stats?

Jennifer: I’ve taught for ten years, every grade from kindergarten to ninth. I’ve taught 1st, 3rd, and 4th self-contained classrooms and art in elementary and middle school levels. I’ve taught all over north Texas, like Everman, Venus, and Crowley but also in West Texas. I’m currently teaching elementary art in Fort Worth. 

What inspires you?

Jennifer: What inspires me most is nature and my faith. Being outside and seeing this beautiful world God made makes me so thankful for all the blessings I get to experience. Seeing the colors, the shapes, the awesome beauty … it’s amazing! 

What made you decide to use Classcraft? 

Jennifer: I needed something to keep my kids engaged and accountable. 

Your favorite things about Classcraft are …

Jennifer: That kids can learn through quests and that they can customize their own avatars.


Quest: Color Families
Quest: Color Families

Why do you love the Quest you created? 

Jennifer: I love it because there are not very many art quests, especially those focused on color theory, in the Marketplace. I’ve included several types of media in my quest to give kids a variety of ways to interact. 

What did your students think of your Quest? How did they react? 

Jennifer: They love quests and they loved the way they can interact with this quest through the embedded videos and pictures. 

How do you spend your summer breaks?

Jennifer: I love camping and traveling with my family. We love spending time at the lake, playing on our jet ski, fishing, hiking, and making awesome memories. 

What accomplishment from this year has filled you with pride?

Jennifer: Being selected as the Quest of the Month from Classcraft! 

If you could take your students on a field trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Jennifer: The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. 

If you could grow up in any decade, which would you choose?

Jennifer: The 50s when times were simpler and families were close. The fashion was pretty cool too! 

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