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Less work & more academic engagement: Classcraft now integrates with Canvas

Classcraft TeamJune 8, 2021

Classcraft integration with Canvas

You’ve been asking for it, and we just delivered. Classcraft now integrates with Canvas, and it will make your 2021-22 school year easier. For teachers working with schoolwide or districtwide Classcraft licenses, our integration automatically increases academic engagement and virtual attendance while saving you important time and energy. We recently co-led a livestream with Canvas to share all the details. Watch a recording of the livestream here.

Classcraft + Canvas: Driving Academic Engagement

Interested in how adding this integration can help your district? Book a meeting with us today.

Figures in UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report show two thirds of an academic year lost on average worldwide due to COVID-19 school closures. As districts seek to make up for unfinished learning, there is an increase need for tech solutions that have a proven track record of getting students more invested in their learning.

Enter Classcraft’s integration with Canvas. By connecting the two platforms, educators can unlock the ability to understand how academic engagement and performance correlate in real-time to other behavioral trends observed in the classroom. The integration runs on its own. Educators don’t have to add any work to their already full plates.

Here’s how you can use Classcraft’s integration and how it can help your school year.

Easy to set up and manage

Since Canvas already helps teachers manage assignment submissions and evaluations, the Classcraft integration is simply an add-on. It automatically rewards students Experience Points (XP) for turning in assignments and for their grades.

Teachers can enable, disable, or edit any of the Classcraft Canvas integration settings on their Canvas Dashboard (see image below). 

To access the dashboard:

  • click on Account on the left-hand sidebar
  • then, click on Classcraft Experience Points

Any change made to your settings will be applied to all your courses. You can change how many XP you want to give for on-time or late assignment submissions and align XP rewards with grading systems (percentage and points, complete or incomplete, letter grade).

To make adjustments for a specific course, click on Courses on the left-hand sidebar. On this page, you can enable or disable rewards for specific assignments or modules. (see image below).

No training required

According to a 2020 McKinsey & Company report, teachers work an average of 50 hours per week, with 11 hours spent on preparation activities. With Classcraft’s integration, there’s no learning time required. Once your administrators enable the integration, you’re ready to go!

Higher student engagement

By adding Classcraft to Canvas, there’s no extra work for teachers. Yet, students will be more motivated to hand off assignments as they are inherently rewarded in Classcraft for their work.

Want more information on how the integration will work? Don’t forget to tune in to the livestream on June 10. With our co-host Canvas, we’ll show you around and give you all the exciting details about this integration.

Interested in how this integration can help your entire school or district? Book a demo today.

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Classcraft’s Canvas integration can help drive academic engagement in your school

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Classcraft’s Canvas integration can help drive academic engagement in your school

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