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Games for Change 2017

Games for Change announces its 2017 award nominees in learning, civics, and more

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Games for Change has nominated its top games across the Neurogaming & Health, Civics & Social Impact, and Games for Learning tracks for 2017. All nominees are up for the top honor of G4C's Game of the Year award. G4C holds an annual festival in New York City each year to celebrate games making a positive social difference, and many of those fall into education. The 2017 festival will take place on July 31-August 2. Judges will select the winners, but G4C is also opening voting up t
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ISTE 2017: Virtual reality and social competence can keep kids in STEM

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The use of Pokémon Go has exploded in education, and it's a powerful tool for a reason: real-world socialization. In their session "Beyond Pokémon: Virtual and Augmentative Reality for STEM" at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, Dr. Amber Rowland and Dr. Sean Smith of the University of Kansas spoke on how to teach social competence in a technology-driven world. When educating students abo