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A principal’s perspective on World of Warcraft in school

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Sometimes, convincing an administrator to let you use video games in school is downright easy. That's what it was like with World of Warcraft at Suffern Middle School in New York. Principal Brian Fox has served as a principal there for nine years, an assistant principal for four years, and before that, he taught social studies. This is his 28th year in education. We spoke to Fox about how they ended up using WoW at his school—and how game-ba
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Games for Change 2017

Games for Change Student Challenge is open for submissions

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This winter, middle and high school students in Pittsburgh, Dallas, and New York City public schools are racing to make their own games as part of the Games for Change Student Challenge. The digital game-design competition tasks students (grades 6-12) with creating a playable browser-based game that fits one of three themes: Future Communities, Climate Change, and Local Stories & Immigrant Voices. Using tools like Scratch or U
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How World of Warcraft teaches perseverance when learning

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Perhaps you’ve wondered before if Classcraft was inspired by the massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft (WoW). Although World of Warcraft wasn’t the reason behind Classcraft’s name, the team dynamics between Warriors, Mages, and Healers came from MMOs like WoW. But the similarities don’t stop there: In addition to valuable 21st-century skills, World of Warcraft also teaches players to work as a team and to stay determined when learning. Having played WoW sinc