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Motivate your students by making learning seriously fun

When students are engaged, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.


Connecting with your students has never been easier

Learning experiences that you and your students can share.

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Schools & Districts

Systemic improvement starts with motivated students

By measuring and promoting motivation in real time, Classcraft helps you achieve your district’s biggest goals.

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Make learning an adventure

By turning your existing curriculum into personalized quests, Classcraft helps you engage students by meeting their unique needs.

Kids love games and stories.
Use it to your advantage.

Get your kids fired up to be at school by harnessing the things they love most.

A cultural phenomenon

Games are more than just the #1 form of entertainment for young people. They’re a platform for human connection.

Games and great teaching go hand-in-hand

Because Classcraft is built on principles that great teachers have been following for centuries, it integrates seamlessly into every classroom.

Yes, formative assessment can be fun

With Boss Battles, you can turn formative assessment into a collaborative monster battle where the whole class works together.

Games aren’t at the heart of Classcraft. Learning is.

Classcraft isn’t for gamers. It’s for every teacher who wants to make learning fun.

What kids love about games

  • Hard enough to be challenging, but fun enough to stay engaged
  • Characters with cool gear
  • Points that come with real rewards
  • An experience they can share with the people they’re closest to

What you love about learning

  • Real-life relationships and interactions
  • A focus on collaboration, not competition
  • Minimal screen time
  • An experience that combines development and assessment

Learn what's working in real time

By measuring things like engagement, creativity, and collaboration, Classcraft helps you make decisions that will boost student motivation.