When students are motivated, everyone wins

Turn your school into a place where everyone wants to be — whether it’s in person or online.


Fall in love with teaching all over again

Motivate your students by turning learning into an experience that you and your kids share.

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Schools & Districts

Create a lasting impact

Classcraft fosters the type of sustained engagement that leads to behavior change, SEL growth, and a positive school climate.

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Unlock the potential of PBIS

PBIS is one of the best tools administrators have to create positive behavior change.

Classcraft helps educators deliver on the promise of PBIS by harnessing the power of games to promote lasting behavior change and engagement.

  • Positive
  • Consistent
  • Objective
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Kids love games and stories.
Use it to your advantage.

Engage your students by harnessing the power of what they love most.

A cultural phenomenon

Games are the #1 form of entertainment for young people. Why? They drive the type of intrinsic motivation that makes us want to achieve more.

Games and great teaching go hand-in-hand

What do the best games and great teaching have in common? They both engage us by promoting autonomy, competency, and personal relationships.

What will you do
with Classcraft?

Classcraft has loads of powerful features.
Use the ones that make sense for you — save the rest for later.

Personalized learning

By turning your existing curriculum into personalized quests, Classcraft helps you meet students’ unique needs while turning learning into an adventure.

Formative assessment

With Boss Battles, you can turn formative assessment into a collaborative monster battle where the whole class works together.

Non-cognitive skills / SEL

Prepare your students to thrive by promoting communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

See what’s working — in real time

Keep your finger on the pulse of your classroom with data-driven insights into student motivation.

Not a gamer? Not a problem.

Classcraft isn’t for gamers.
It’s for every teacher who wants to make learning fun.

What kidsabout

  1. Hard enough to be challenging, but fun enough to stay engaged
  2. Characters with cool gear
  3. Points that come with real rewards
  4. An experience they can share with the people they’re closest to

What youabout

  1. Real-life relationships and interactions
  2. A focus on collaboration, not competition
  3. Minimal screen time
  4. An experience that combines development and assessment

Start making learning fun today.