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Classcraft’s mission is to empower teachers to use fun and play to improve educational outcomes for all students.

We believe that the classroom can be reimagined using technology, games, and storytelling to create a learning environment that is culturally relevant to today's youth. Their future is likely to be very different from what we know today. It’s our conviction that fostering cognitive skills like collaboration, empathy, leadership, and self-expression will be critical to preparing students for the changes they will face as adults. We are committed to creating enjoyable experiences that nurture these core areas.

Nuestro equipo

  • Shawn Young
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Devin Young
    Co-founder & President
  • Lauren Young
    Co-founder & CFO
  • Joe Catalfamo
  • Francois Arbour
  • Alex Nault
  • Andrew Turk
    Community Manager
  • Anne-Marie Ménard
    Community Manager
  • Carl Chartrand-Ferland
  • Carl Nicolae
    Partnership Agent
  • Chris Garrett
    Partnership Manager
  • James Shetler
    Partnership Manager
  • Jayson Roy
    Community Lead
  • Jian Li Wu
    Lead Concept / Illustrator
  • Josselin Cuette
    Lead Designer
  • Melissa Gelineau
  • Mélysa Fréchette
    Community Manager
  • Nicolas Charpentier
  • Peter Ross
  • Pier-Luc Gendreau
  • Simon Bélanger
  • Stéphane Guillemette
    VP of Engineering
  • Stephanie Carmichael
    Head of Content
  • Steve Bourgoin

Nuestros inversores

  • Whitecap Venture Partners
  • brightspark
  • MaRS Catalyst Fund
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    Sherbrooke (Qc), Montreal (Qc), New York (NY) & Pittsburgh (PA)

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