Playing Classcraft:

  • Dramatically Increases Student Motivation by Using Real Risks and Rewards.
  • Teaches Meaningful Collaboration by Placing Students in Teams and Making Their Success Interdependent.
  • Makes Learning Fun and Improves Classroom Behavior by Gamifiying the Classroom Experience.

Our heroes

Here are some of the most courageous Classcraft adventurers we’ve seen. You’re why we do what we do!



Classcraft founder and high school physics teacher Shawn Young tapped his unique background in education, gamification, and web development to create an online role-playing game that teachers and students can play together in the classroom. Young joined forces with his father, 35-year business veteran Lauren Young, and brother Devin Young, a creative director with an extensive background in design, branding, social media, and developing and producing websites and web apps.

Classcraft is made possible with support from: CMF_English